Top Five Sales Commission Plan Experts in the World

Commissions have been around ever since salesmen have been around. Someone invented them, but I am not sure who. Today we are way beyond the basic definition of commissions:

The amount of money that an individual receives based on the level of sales he or she has obtained. The sales person is provided a certain amount of money in addition to his/her standard salary based on the amount of sales obtained. Read more:

Industries like real estate, technology, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, banking and financial services all have their unique commission systems and schemes. With all this complexity, you might be wondering: who are the top five sales commission plan experts in the world?

Here is my list of the top five.

#1 Justin Lane   CE 1 Justin Lane

Sales Performance Management Strategist, ZS Associates, United States,



#2 Charlie Madere  CE 2 Charlie Madere

Vice President of Sales, Canidium, Austin, TX, United States,

#3 Christopher Cabrera  CE 3 Christopher Cabrera

Founder and CEO, Xactly Corporation, San Francisco, CA, United States,

#4 Jerry Hegarty   CE 4 Jerry Hegarty

President and CEO, NetCommissions, Boston, MA, United States, 

#5 David Marshall   CE 5 David Marshall

Managing Director, PerformanceCentre, Melbourne, Australia,


So, who do you think are the top sales commission plan experts in the world? Write a comment or contact and let us know. We would like to get them to try our iPhone commission app, or maybe invite them to join our cadre of experts as a Commission Coach®.